Who Am I

Hello and Welcome!

I’m Sarah. I write a little, or I write a lot. I write speculative fiction, in the form of fantasy novels and science fiction short stories. My narratives focus on people in interesting situations, and my fantasy novels tend towards complex examinations of the behaviours of men and women in the worlds I have created. I also write erotica and romance which are often gentle pro-consent stories with some hot sex scenes thrown in for sizzle. I do also sometimes write non-pc erotica, but always with clear warnings!

I have won a local award called the Tin Duck for creative zombie blogging. Apparently I had several friends quite worried about what terrifying apocalypse was heading their way! I was extremely pleased and thrilled to have such reactions and I was so touched to win a Tin Duck (with Alisa Krasnostein from Twelfth Planet Press) I cried.

Winning an Honorable Mention for the Writers Of The Future Award was a seminal moment for me. It made me happy and excited for days and days, and it solidified my desire to keep writing. If I ever consider giving up, I look at the awards, recognition, love and support from so many people, and I’m buoyed to do my  best.

I love to write and tend to either write prolifically (3 – 5 thousand words a day consistently for weeks or months) or else I write a little (ie, nothing.) If you like fantasy with some strong emotional pull, or science fiction that questions the role of humanity in the future, then I’m your girl. (Though sometimes, I like to write lighthearted stories!)

I used to write novels in high school but then stopped until 2005 when my first son was born. I completed the Nanowrimo challenge for the first time in 2005, and since then I have written seven and a half novels. I’ve been working with my Egoboo writing group for a years to improve my writing, and I hope to spend the rest of my life exploring genre fiction.

Thank you for joining me on my journey! I am having the time of my life writing, and if you’d like to see more of what I am passionate about, then check out my other blogs:

Saucy Sisters – home making, food, organization

Egoboo – my writing group. Hints, tips, URLs, news of all of us

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