Speak Nerdy To Me

First time con-goer? Worried about talking to people and making friends? Conventions are a unique space with heaps great contextual cues to start conversations. Conversations with people are hard, but my e-books will make them easier!

Surviving at Conventions

  • Break down conversation mechanics
  • Conversation starter phrases
  • Fun game about your first day at a convention!
  • Ending conversation support and direction
  • Cute artwork

Conversation Cards

Like fiddling nervously with something? Well why not fiddle nervously with something useful! Sometimes in conversations we find we can’t actually speak. Whether from anxiety, feeling shy, or just not quite finding the right words at the right time. So fiddle with these cards, and if you need to – pull one out and wave it at the person your speaking to!

  • Fuck Off Card
  • Polite Fuck Off Cards
  • Conversation Openers
  • Thank You cards
  • Printable fun!

Thriving at Conventions

If you are attending fan-run conventions to try and reach a goal, check out my e-book on how to make the most of your convention! Many writers and traders love conventions for the networking and potential profit aspects.

  • Elevator pitches
  • Managing UP committees
  • Define what you want and target how to get it
  • Advertising You and Your Business
  • Networking ideas
  • Promotional Opportunities

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