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I’m a small business coach but I also do Social Media content and management on the side. I LOVE TO WRITE. Love it so much. There’s really only one package for this, as most of them will be bespoke and written in the Proposal.

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Social Media and Management

Blog Posts and Content

300 – 800 words, once a week, on a topic related to your business and tuned to your niche market. I use your software of choice such as Hoot Suite to schedule and distribute to your social media of choice. Costs of the social media software is the vendor responsibiity. It’s more secure for you to give me access to a generalised service with passwords already set up, than to give me direct access to your passwords.

Branded Snippet Backgrounds and content

Posting several times a week is more than just one blogpost. I create:

  • Branded background for tips, and tricks
  • Content for the branded backgrounds
  • Social Media posts with links of interest
  • 3 – 4 a week for your distribution

Constant Communication

My process for the long posts

  • Draft Zero (mind map/verbal vomit/research/links/ramble
  • Draft 1 – Review required – your feedback is needed
  • Draft 2 – Feedback taken on board and ready to go. Approval required for release.


Sweet Spot Package – $240

Four hours, billed weekly, initial week will be $300 and six hours while researching your company, your branding, and you.

Proposal will cover initial 12 week period.

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