Refund Policy

I take my boundaries and business seriously, and strive to act with kindness and love. I know that unexpected things happen, so there is always a way to end a contract with me, depending on what we are doing together. Life happens, and I always want you to CHOOSE to be with me, not feel you have to be with me!

Depending on the different things I offer, there’s some different rules, but mostly it’s the same.

Let me know in writing (e-mail me at

You need to pay for any work I have done for you up to that moment you advise me in writing. If I missed you’re email, that’s on me. If you don’t tell me, that’s on you.


Read your contract carefully.

You need to let me know in writing (e-mail) if I need to stop work for you, and any work completed before the receipt of that email will be charged at the agreed rate.

Copyrights remain with me until completion of payment.

Your contract will have more information on all aspects of commissioning copywriting from me.


Read your contract carefully.

You can terminate our contract at any time, and the refund amount will be determined by where in the contract we need to part ways. Generally a block quote included a discount for the bulk payment, and so you will lose that discount if we need to refund any remaining hours.


I am super excited about the Social Media Confidence Academy, and want you to feel secure in your purchase.

You have 15 days from start of the course to request a refund, and you will receive 100% of your funds. This allows for three webinars, two weeks access to the course and community, and access to me with questions, assistance and support.

You should already understand how I work from the free webinars I have produced, and as per a concert ticket, if you are unable to attend there is no refund in that event. Webinars are recorded, so you can always watch the replay.

My students take responsibility for their own lives and actions, and I give great energy in getting them to the next level.

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