What a time to be alive

In the olden days… have those whippersnappers gone yet? Just us oldies left? In the olden days of the internet, I wrote webpages with HTML in Notepad and remember when frames came out. it was all a bitch. I remember when the first WYSIWYG editors came out – and how few PCs could run themContinue reading “What a time to be alive”

CEO Week in Facebook Land #tashpost

I am an affiliate and this is unabashedly biased. But I love Tash and she provides solid, amazing content, and her free stuff if fucking amazing. You should check her out! And… CEO week is completely free! I have also included a link to her free Facebook training too! BTW every image is a link,Continue reading “CEO Week in Facebook Land #tashpost”

E-Mail List – Coffee and Cake

I am starting one! I can be super prolific on the net, and you might not know where to catch me! or just be overwhelmed by how much talky talk I do. In either case, if you’d like a sensible way to see what I am up to, sign up for my email list andContinue reading “E-Mail List – Coffee and Cake”

Self Care is Crucial

I’ve been sick – yes again. But this time, only for a couple of days! Yay! My family are still coughing and spluttering in the distance. I’m watching Blacklist, which is getting deeper and deeper into science fiction with every episode. As soon as I started to feel sick I stayed home. I kept myContinue reading “Self Care is Crucial”

Cheerocracy For Me Thanks!

I saw a review once of a group in in calling it a “Cheerocracy“. And I was a bit offended. I sat with it for a while because I don’t usually get offended, Usually I just shrug and move on but obviously something kept annoying me. And also – it was a male author commentingContinue reading “Cheerocracy For Me Thanks!”