I still can’t verbalise about this week

I know I’ve missed my Sunday morning chats, and that today’s not Sunday, but this last few weeks have been super crazy for so many unexpected reasons. You’ll notice in my breakfast photo that there’s signs of a good party. Or signs of deliberately over indulging because we’re all hurting. Weird how it can beContinue reading “I still can’t verbalise about this week”

The Countdown Has Really started Now

A lot of the advice at the moment is to be “real’ and ‘authentic’ on the internet which is both freeing and annoying at the same time. But hey, I slept badly last night, sneezing up a storm, and now I am stressed and worried about Swancon. is that real enough? Haha. Or do weContinue reading “The Countdown Has Really started Now”

I’m being good! Following instructions even!

My physio said I had to start building strength in the leg that went SPANG all that time ago. It feels normal now, so I kinda don’t wanna. But at the same time I need out to be reliable during Swancon. My convention is now 16 days away. I’m worried I’ve forgotten something important butContinue reading “I’m being good! Following instructions even!”

Why we picked ‘A Brave New World’ as the theme for Swancon 2021

I cancelled my own convention. I know it was the right thing to do. But even writing those five words in the first paragraph? Now I’m teary and sad again. The community in Swancon were wonderful, and we all knew it was the right thing to do. But it didn’t stop it hurting. I kindContinue reading “Why we picked ‘A Brave New World’ as the theme for Swancon 2021”