E-Mail List – Coffee and Cake

I am starting one! I can be super prolific on the net, and you might not know where to catch me! or just be overwhelmed by how much talky talk I do. In either case, if you’d like a sensible way to see what I am up to, sign up for my email list andContinue reading “E-Mail List – Coffee and Cake”

Stalking my News Agents

It’s September. Why don’t they have my diary yet?? I cruise past. This shopping centre is close to home but slightly awkward to get to. The last three diaries are all variations of the Tree of Life on an A5 diary. They’re beautiful and they match. I visited the shopping centre again. It’s been aContinue reading “Stalking my News Agents”

Sundays are Fun Days

On Sundays I take a bit of a deep breath and start pondering on the coming week. I say pondering because it’s a gentle and relaxed exercise. If I said working, you’d all think I was frantically stressing and panicking. But I’m working really hard to build a business that’s gentle and lovely and uniquelyContinue reading “Sundays are Fun Days”

Cheerocracy For Me Thanks!

I saw a review once of a group in in calling it a “Cheerocracy“. And I was a bit offended. I sat with it for a while because I don’t usually get offended, Usually I just shrug and move on but obviously something kept annoying me. And also – it was a male author commentingContinue reading “Cheerocracy For Me Thanks!”