Anthology: Jack Gorman Got Cut By A Girl

It’s coming! Oh gosh it’s coming! Over on Egoboo, I will soon be talking about the new anthology I am a part of called “Jack Gorman Got Cut By A Girl“. It’s a humerous anthology that follows the drunken trials and tribulations by Jack Gorman as he staggers from story to story, failing to learnContinue reading “Anthology: Jack Gorman Got Cut By A Girl”

Writers Of The Future – Honorable Mention!

I am so pleased and excited to tell every one that my Short Story Just Another Day In Traffic won an Honorable Mention from The Writers Of The Future competition, second quarter for 2011! I’m so very pleased – it’s a tight little story that my writers group and I worked hard to make leanContinue reading “Writers Of The Future – Honorable Mention!”