Stories we tell ourselves

So we’re always telling a story. I like telling stories, I like solid stories rooted in positivity and growth and learning. My story is one of curiosity and wonderment, occasional fearlessness. I present my story at every opportunity, my confidence shield and it’s solidly rooted because it’s all me. It’s only part of my storyContinue reading “Stories we tell ourselves”

New Project Underway!

I was really pleased and delighted to be invited to be a part of the Galactic Chat Podcast! Our interviewer line up is below: David McDonald, author and winner of the Ditmar Award for Best New Talent 2013 Alex Pierce, Ditmar and Chronos Award winning reviewer and member of Galactic Suburbia. Mark Webb, author andContinue reading “New Project Underway!”

Anthology: Jack Gorman Got Cut By A Girl

It’s coming! Oh gosh it’s coming! Over on Egoboo, I will soon be talking about the new anthology I am a part of called “Jack Gorman Got Cut By A Girl“. It’s a humerous anthology that follows the drunken trials and tribulations by Jack Gorman as he staggers from story to story, failing to learnContinue reading “Anthology: Jack Gorman Got Cut By A Girl”