Thoughts on a Random Roadside Sign

Every time hubby and I drive past this sign, I wonder if it actually works.

It’s there quite often, and obviously someone is putting it out there continually, like a fisherman with a hand line, hoping to reel in a dinner. But really, I’d prefer to be fishing with a proper rod and bait, not just a worm from the bottom garden!

The evil part of me wants to design a sexier sign, through Canva or something, and put them right next to each other. Oh no, evil Sarah won!

I made this in five minutes on Canva, and I didn’t even do the “check from the other side of the room to see if it’s visible” check.

I love their enthusiasm, but I’m just not sure about their target market being lucky enough to have someone else in the car to take the photo, or to care enough to find somewhere to park, go back, and get the number that way.

What sort of website would you get for $500? Does it include copywriting? Design? Wix, WordPress or Weebly? (What is with all the Ws?)

I like my mockup for a number of reasons, even if I didn’t centre the webpage correctly. (Oops) To start with, it’s on theme for “the middle of the road.” Hahaha, yeah, that’s my type of sense of humour #sorrynotsorry The central piece is a design that we are trained to notice.

The message is crystal clear and instantly recognizable. The contact details are super easy to remember. (And the domain is free, I checked LOL) and if people wanted more info it’s at the top. Simple, clear, and done.

Because my mockup is a bit easier to read and understand, it also has more authority. It looks like someone you could trust your kerning too. (We’ll just ignore that URL being off balance, shall we?) It looks like I have a clue about the internet and how it works.

My mockup also serves to screen customers. I’d like a customer who knows how to use a URL, understands a tiny bit about the way the internet works, rather than someone who has been told they should have one, and have no idea what their webpage is supposed to actually do for them and their business.

So what would you expect for a $500 website? Let me know in the comments! Also, you should tell me – should I make up my sign, grab that domain, and start selling my services?

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