Self Working and Self Worth

As a small business coach and owner, I have to be constantly aware of my own self worth.

And this is not something that ever stops in small business either. Pricing has always been an issue and always will be an issue when we have to set our own dollar value on our time and talents.

As my business grows, I have been at times wildly unsure about my pricing, and at other times absolutely rock solid. And also, there are times when I doubt the validity of the work I am doing but not the pricing!

I know I do great work for people, but sometimes I just worry. I also worry about posting this so publicly! Signs of weakness are not the norm in business, but I want to be honest about the ups and downs in small business.

Onboarding a new client for an ongoing contract is always a time of delicate boundary settings and boundary pushing. Is this OK? Is that OK? How can we organise this so we all get what we want from the deal in a way that brings every one happiness? How do we make sure the happiness continues as well? How can we track this, how much information do you want, and how much information do you need?

Outputs (I can do X) and outcomes (and then this Y happens). Some things are more easily quantifiable, and I am happy with numbers but the real value for my clients is not a numbers game. How can you quantify the sheer relief of having someone who understands? The dollar value in delivering a thing consistently every week? The happiness at getting a new idea, thought, or concept that helps you to solve a problem?

It just takes time for the new normal to settle and adjust.

I’m not working with physics, and I’m not working with magic either. But I can ask really good questions, hold hands when needed, and give loving and fantastic support. If you think I can help you with anything, message me and let’s have a chat.

Feature Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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