OMG Oops I was playing with my newsletter and forgot my blog!

Wow! So, um, yeah, the title gives this blog post away!

I have been super busy typing away in the background, but just not sharing it here! So, since the 14/10/2021 (my last blog post) I have been working on

  • newsletter!
  • themed blog posts!
  • with clients!
  • avatar interviews!
  • hunting diaries! (and failing!)

I took part in CEO week and that was pretty amazing. This year I really wanted to make business work, and I really did NOT want to do it alone. Again. 😦

So when I have been looking at courses and things to do to teach myself the next skills, I have been selecting ones with active and vibrant communities. I loved my pod in Tash’s Take Off and next year I’ll join another one. Having like minded people to bounce ideas off, freak out at, and celebrate with helps to take business to another level.

CEO week was a series of masterminds, and as with every thing of Tash’s, it was jam packed with so much knowledge and experience. It can be really overwhelming, so I often have to watch them several times, and sometimes I will just put them on while i play a video game. I am also an affiliate for Tash, because I love her stuff so much and she lets me be hahaha so here’s a link for that! The pic is the affiliate link, ok? In case I wasn’t obvious enough.

I didn’t quite mean for this to become a love letter to Tash, but it just sort of turned out that way. But back to business being lonely.

It really can be.

Two pods dissolved recently actually. I see it as a natural part of growth and change. What I needed a year ago, is different to what I need now, and having the loving support of amazing women who are also growing and changing helps make the journey less daunting.

The first pod was a monthly get together with women local to my community. We intended to get together to talk business in person, in cafes, but it never actually happened.

Antique, Sewing Machine, Home, Old, Retro, Vintage

It was great to have them to talk to while I was still sort of feeling my way. I’ve learnt a lot and come a long way, we all did, and their businesses are very different in nature to mine. I am still so amazed that they can make stuff! I make stuff in words, or in my head LOL but they actually make S T U F F! AMAZING!

I have also been beavering away in the word mines too. I have been learning! And doing! And hopefully this is going to make my blog posts here a bit more interesting to look at and to read.

I’d love to have any sort of feedback from people.

What do you think of my content, my business, my random rambles?

My eyebrows or my hair do? Today’s effort with all my friendly greys hanging out LOL

Just drop me an email or comment, I’d love to hear from you even just to say hi!

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