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I am an affiliate and this is unabashedly biased. But I love Tash and she provides solid, amazing content, and her free stuff if fucking amazing. You should check her out! And… CEO week is completely free! I have also included a link to her free Facebook training too!

BTW every image is a link, and every link here is an affiliate link! Enjoy!

So, who is Tash?

So, who is Tash?

This is Tash:

Tash is a super hero tall business geek, who is here to share her geekiness with people! She’s frigging awesome and I love doing her courses and taking part in her communities. She gives away a lot of free content which is absolutely amazing, like this:

If you want to see the video – click on that image and sign up. She spends a lot of time talking about how to leverage the organise growth of Facebook groups and it’s an incredible wealth of information and tips and tricks. DON’T FORGET YOU STILL HAVE TO DO THE WORK! It doesn’t work in the box!

What’s so great about her anyway?

Did you notice some key words in the first pic? Let me help you with that:

She loves doing business in ways that makes every one feel good. I’ve tried to start businesses multiple times in the past, and I never quite managed to make it work. A lot of it was based around sales and my big problem was that I hated selling something that someone else made or produced. When I sold lingerie and Tupperware though party plans, I felt sick when I had to tell people that the product had sold out, or doing exchanges for things I had no control over. I hated saying “Buy now before it sells out!” I know that sort of thing is a fact of life but at the same time, it’s a way of using FEAR to sell a product. The lingerie is designed to have seasons and promote high demand and be unable to meet it, meaning customers are SCARED that they won’t get what they want and buy in a hurry and emotionally.

Tash focuses on sales techniques that are consent based. I firmly believe that if I have something people want, they will be drawn to me. A sales call should be a joyful negotiation after a real expression of honest needs and honest portrayals. I am still completing her course but I have learnt so much from her, and the way she views business and sales is unique and has a major feminist bent.

Also, she is super tall and I’m so in awe of that. If I was 6’2, I’d wear high heels everywhere. But you all know that anyway hahahahaha!

WTF is CEO Week in Facebook Land?

Tash is impressively organized. I knew she was the one for me when I watched ten minutes of her geeking out about post it notes and the system she was using to plan while on a mini-retreat by herself. I wanted that. I wanted all the post it notes and the planning and the making the videos and the coaching and the… whole experience, really. Believe me when I say she’s super organized.

CEO week is a week of free webinars, workbooks and support that Tash is holding next week. Doing this sort of free challenge is great for people who want to start working on their business and need to start thinking like a business owner.

It starts the 18th of October, and the entire plan is available when you register:

Of course I am doing it too!

I have signed up, but I’ll be watching after the live recordings. well, bits of it. Tash is honest that not all parts will be useful for me, and has given a permission slip for skipping out on day 1 and 2 for me! But I am super excited to be a part of this. I have found so much value and friendships in the community Tash has built, and I’m excited to keep expanding my business acumen and learn more. So… I’ll see you there!

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