Opinions on the Internet

I don’t have them.

And it’s a habit I wonder if I need to break!

If you want to know my thoughts on my things, I have a verbal only policy. Partly because I have worked on the internet in Internet Service Providers, and later a variety of government roles, and also because I just don’t give a shit about contentious discussions.

I don’t like to have opinions on the internet because there’s just too many times I get dreary discussions about some minor aspect of it that I just don’t give a stuff about. For example, I shared a Facebook thing that was really interesting about the way people of certain age brackets tend to view “writing.”

The break down is that actually putting things in writing is quite a laborious process for many of the older generations. Writing had to be perfect, with perfect grammar and punctuation and was a very different communication medium from verbal communication. Real language has always been fluid and drops letters, words, adds random words, intonation carries information, and of course body language. The instantaneous forms of communication (texts, messengers, emails) are moving closer to the verbal form of communication and away from the discursive forms of communication, and so emojis that aid the reader in reading the emotional tone of a texts aid greatly in communication. The FB thingy was slated as “older generations should learn how to use emojis” but then went into an interesting enough discussion of the different methods of communication.

So despite the fact that I disagree with the initial premise, I still felt that I had an aha moment. isn’t that what we’re supposed to do? Be open to discussions with things you don’t agree with and then learn shit? So why did I have to put up with some guy going off at me about it? His defensiveness is not my problem. Also, it’s just a technique copy writers on the net use to gain reach.

So, yeah, I personally don’t tend to put an emotional spin on my own writing (someone SHOULD DO BLAH) because it’s dreary, it’s pointless and annoying. It’s my space, I’ll post what I want. It was a tiresome series of messages. the post wasn’t actively offensive, it was just mildly annoying. I have rules about what I do and don’t post on my Facebook. I don’t post opinions, and I don’t post things that actively bash some other group. I don’t think these rules are going to change, after all.


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Sarah P is a unique creature who writes a little or writes a lot, and loves riding the tech wave. She loves her iPad a little too much, and is currently addicted to Twitter.

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