Accountability Workgroup

What it is and what it isn’t!

Here’s some of the questions that have been asked.

Who is Leonie Dawson? Leonie Dawson is an amazing creatrix who is known for going her own bright, colourful, sweary way. She creates courses and workshops, planners, workbooks and all sorts of thing to help people create and make money!

What Course are we doing? Leonie’s courses are fantastic, so the plan is to do one every couple of months so we can get elbow deep into the work. September 2020 we are doing ‘40 Days To create + Sell Your E-course’. Which… you guessed it… in 40 days we’re going to create and then sell your e-course. I’m really excited about it but I’m holding back on starting so we can do this properly.

So how are you involved? I am running an accountability workgroup in this course. So you do your work on your own time, and once a week we get together (maximum of 5 people) and talk about the work we have done, discuss any issues, and make promises for the next week’s meeting.

Leonie is doing zoom vids too – can I do both? You sure can! And then fill us in on the goss! Leonie’s zoom calls are great value for GETTING, YOU. FOCUSED. But there can be LOTS of people logged in and asking questions. Her calls are a little early in the morning for me and I’d like to have a more meaningful relationship with the people doing the course with me.

What is expected of me?

  • You watch Leonie’s videos when you’re comfortable doing so (starting WEDNESDAY 1ST SEPTEMBER)
  • Seven work sessions (2 hours each, Sunday mornings 10am Australian Western Standard Time (Perth, Australia) starting SUNDAY 5TH OF SEPTEMBER and finishing 17th October)
  • We do the work! Yay us! Some activities we’ll do together, some we will just start together.
  • Session plan: Half an hour talking about what we’re doing, an hour of discussion OR some time messing around on our computers or notebooks/giant sheets of butcher paper (“work”) and then chats and plans for next week. Aim for 90 minutes or less.
  • Lazy, fun and joyous!
  • Getting a great grounding and working with friends is the best way to get and maintain momentum. Plus Leonie is offering a payment plan to help out!

What do you get out of it? I get two things – one is to run the Accountability Workgroup. I’m looking for some fun people to do this with. Plus I’m an affiliate for Leonie’s courses, which means if you use one of my links, I get a nice little thank you in my bank account. If you have already paid for the course without using one of my links, I still need to be paid, so I will charge you the same as the affiliate course would be paying me.

Wait a minute – so if I buy the course using an affiliate link, you’re basically free? And if I have already bought it, I have to pay you seperately? Yes. if you’ve already bought the course, and never completed it, or you bought the course and you want to do it again but this time with friends, this is a great opportunity! I still need to get paid for my time.

I notice the image has changed a bit – what’s with that? I just had my 2nd Pfizer vaccine, and it made me a grumpy frog for a few days. I totally lost the plot on everything! So I thought I’d update the pic so we can have a bit of a giggle!

What happens if I want a refund? If you get a refund from Leonie. I don’t receive my affiliate payment either, so I won’t be refunding on those situations. If you pay me directly, and cancel within the first 14 days of the Workgroup starting, then I’ll refund 100%. No refunds after that point. If you buy through the link, and choose not to join my Workgroup, there’s no refund. The Workgroup is a bonus!

Useful Links

Interested in doing a Workgroup with me, but now’s not the right time, place or universe? Join my email list “Coffee and Cake with Sarah”, and I’ll give you more warning for the next one! (Hint: Maybe we should be writing some books in November – Leonie has a Finish Your Book In 40 days course too!)

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