Accountability Workshop – Leonie Dawson and Sarah Lee Parker together?

Only eight days until Leonie Dawson starts her live run through of her course ’40 Days to Create and Sell Your E-Course’! I’m super excited and looking for some determined people who are ready to actually DO. THE. WORK. with me, and have fun doing so!

I came across Leonie a very long time ago, and have been using her workbooks ever since. I have years of her beautiful workbooks helping me to clarify what I wanted in life, and how to get there. She is the original online marketer guru who does things her way. She’s a raving introvert who loves art and swearing, and she’s the first artist I know who is also a huge success.

I have always wanted to work with others when doing these sorts of courses. I am great at completing online courses, but there’s just something magic with real time face to face chats. Leonie has provided the course, and I provide the lovingly-keeping-you-focused part! This is going to be heaps of fun for all of us, and I can’t wait to see you there!

Click here for more information!

If you’ve come across Leonie before and you know you want in but haven’t bought your course yet, click here. And if you’ve bought the course but you just want the accountability sessions, it’s $99 USD for 7 x 2 hour session. Email me for more info on

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