The Countdown Has Really started Now

A lot of the advice at the moment is to be “real’ and ‘authentic’ on the internet which is both freeing and annoying at the same time. But hey, I slept badly last night, sneezing up a storm, and now I am stressed and worried about Swancon.

is that real enough? Haha. Or do we want more?

Like… the venue coordinator has emailed me twice. I’m freaking out and there’s no logical reason why – it’s OK. She wants this event to be successful as much as I do. The previewer snippet shows NO EVIDENCE that she’s anything other than perfectly polite, on the ball, and ready to help make this event the best she can.


So instead, I sat here and drank a cup of tea and was frozen into inaction for a while. My tea got cold. This made me sad. I did some very small administivia things and then checked out the event management software, read the PowerPoint training we’re going to be giving our check in staff, read all versions of the docs, checked the software webpage for more info, installed the check in app, made sure it worked, ate two tiny Easter eggs, and stayed stressed into inaction….

Um, Sarah?

That’s er… a very productive stressed-to-inaction type of event.

I tried to nap and couldn’t, because I felt stressed, and maybe that and the tiredness made me feel like my little speedbump was bigger than Ben Hurr. I have to go put on pants now – I have a physio appointment for my calf muscle and I am 100% certain that pants are required when leaving the house.

My subconscious can STFU now. I’m moving again, albiet slowly. Pants are forthcoming. Physio will be asking difficult questions like “Did you do the exercises I gave you?” and I will balance on the delicate not-lying response of ‘well… sort of not really kinda once or twice maybe?’ You know?


Thanks for listening peeps. Hope you’re all coming to Swancon and saving my butt!

Published by Sarah Lee Parker

Sarah P is a unique creature who writes a little or writes a lot, and loves riding the tech wave. She loves her iPad a little too much, and is currently addicted to Twitter.

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