I’m being good! Following instructions even!

My physio said I had to start building strength in the leg that went SPANG all that time ago. It feels normal now, so I kinda don’t wanna. But at the same time I need out to be reliable during Swancon.

My convention is now 16 days away. I’m worried I’ve forgotten something important but I have a book full of competed checklists to show that we’ve done the best we can.

As well as convening and marketing for a science fiction and fantasy convention, I am also doing some extra courses. (Yes, the TV does work!)

I’m doing Denise Duffield-Thomas’s Sacred Money Archetypes Course as well as I have signed up for a public speaking course with the Romance Writers of Australia. I’ve also signed up for a Leonie Dawson course, and in watching all the free stuff Tash Corbin is putting out when I can.

Plus occasionally I’m making my own stuff too!

I did my exercises. My calf muscle feels… Stretched. Definitely stretched. 🙂

Published by Sarah Lee Parker

Sarah P is a unique creature who writes a little or writes a lot, and loves riding the tech wave. She loves her iPad a little too much, and is currently addicted to Twitter.

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