Talking to People at Conventions

OMG it can be the worst.

I mean, I kind of like it … except for when I don’t. I’ve developed my extroversion as a cover, I think, and then at some point, the cover… stops working. And I just can’t speak.

I’ve been at conventions for so long that I have trusted friends at every genre or Science Fiction and Fantasy convention in Australia. And I wondered… what would people do if they came to a con alone, and felt overwhelmed but still wanted or even needed to communicate?

So I made some convention cards! And the colour ones are SUPER PRETTY. I’ve tried to keep them gender neutral but still pleasant to look at, and then there’s a black and white version for people who are not printing them at work. :p

If you think there’s a conversation crux point I have missed, let me know!

Clicky on the booky below to get them free – code is SWANCON or buy me a coffee, the cards, and the Surviving Conventions E-book are for sale at $4.

Please share if you know someone who sometimes freezes at conventions!

Published by Sarah Lee Parker

Sarah P is a unique creature who writes a little or writes a lot, and loves riding the tech wave. She loves her iPad a little too much, and is currently addicted to Twitter.

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