Luck, Love, and Packages

First update – still no hot water! LOL

Today was… long. I made a dr’s appointment the other day and the earliest I could get was 10:30. I got up this morning, drove hubby into Perth and drove back home again, cleaned the kitchen, put on the dishwasher, found my passport and went to the shops to renew it. Bought a mountain of cheese from Aldi, and some flowers ❤

Also checked out diaries at the local newsagent, then came home again for a bit, chatted to friends, learned stuff, headed off to doctor. Yay antibiotics!

I left the doctor’s… and sitting in the carpark, readying for my next errand and I am staring at my phone. I blink a few times and think… “Is that a migraine aura??” Just after I left the doctor’s, of course! So I grabbed a coffee (and some donuts!) and aspririn, self medicated for a bit until I could see properly again, and then headed off to Auspost to get my lost package.

So, there are actually two missing packages, but one is still listed as In Transit, even after 7 days. I was hoping it would turn up so I didn’t have to make two trips to the same place, but it was still in Transit in the tracking system. I have my packages delivered to hubby’s workplace, as there’s always someone there, and so it’s in his name. The system has to have it marked as returned before I could switch it to my name to pick it up! I checked before I left home – In Transit. I checked while at the doctor’s. In Transit. I checked while caffeinating. You guessed it – In Transit. Well, I guess that’s the deal then.

Thirty minutes later I am in the Auspo, getting my initial package. I explain about the second one, and they both look at the monitor and explain no, it’s still in transit, so they can’t find it yet, sorry. OK, no worries, then I realise that I also installed the app, and they said I could re-direct it through the app. I log in to the app in front of them in case I needed help, and in the time it had taken for them to look at their monitors, and then me to open the app, someone had scanned it! YAY!!!!!

Shit like this happens to me every day, and I fucking love it hahaha.

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