No hot water, sick kids, missing packages and a headache

Does it feel like the world is imploding sometimes? We have had a sick family and a dead hot water system for almost the same amount of time – almost two weeks now. I’ve caught it, the kids caught it, I’m back and work but they’re still flopping around in bed all day sleeping. Doctor says it is a virus.

There’s a part of me that’s miserable about the whole thing. I have to wait for a sunny day to wash my hair, but I have been lucky in that regard so far. I worry about the kids though, how much school they’re missing, and I feel so helpless and it’s coming out as a sort of guilt trip on them with a vague mention of “it will be ok, if you need to we can always repeat later.” Which isn’t really what I want to say but that’s the noises that came out of my mouth, so… *shrug*

Most of this week has been great. As long as the weather doesn’t get cold, a tepid shower in the morning is livable. There’s some weird changes afoot at the moment though; traffic has been weird the last four weeks, cold showers at home, getting to work early cos hubby can use the showers at his workplace, it’s sort of pushing up against our normal routines.

I feel great usually because I know that this is all stuff that can be fixed. If we were super desperate, I’d just sort it out for the landlord, but the weather has been a bonus. I am reserving my casherola for a magnificent trip to Broome later in the year, and I’m super excited about staying in a five star safari tent. Expect pictures! Plus I have some exciting job prospects to apply for, and I’m launching my new business soon! My Convention is going great guns, and I’m loving the social media side of it. I am everywhere! Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, email, Discord… well, it feels like everywhere!

But this is why I am getting a bit tired I think. I’m coming home and spending 1 – 3 hours doing an additional job on top of my normal job plus putting in some spare time into my new business helping people… only six weeks to Swancon and then I won’t know what to do with myself. I actually looked up the other day, and wondered… “What am I going to do once Swancon is over?” like I didn’t already have plans!

The whole framing of my future is what’s keeping me from being truly miserable in a week full of sick kids, cold water, missing packages, job exams, doctors visits and everything. I know things are going to be better – and we still all love and support each other in our own ‘special’ ways.

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Sarah P is a unique creature who writes a little or writes a lot, and loves riding the tech wave. She loves her iPad a little too much, and is currently addicted to Twitter.

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