The Internet is for Prawns

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Hee hee playing with shit while the fam are bumbling about. As a writer, we spend a long time talking about developing your own voice in your writing. And it’s not easy and it takes time. Tiiiiiiimmmmmeeeeeee. OMG time. Like everything else I guess.

So I have a little Business Cabal of friends who are also looking to develop their home businesses. We’re all at different stages in our HBJ (Home Bizz Journey. ) Sweetheart A is further along than me and already being paid for her hard work and talents, and Sweetheart B is still overwhelmed by all the fantastic awesome ideas she has. And then there’s me. I consider me to be right in the middle.

I’m not yet being paid for my hard work and talents. I’m not quite as overwhelmed by all the fantastic business ideas I have or want to do. I am definitely doing a lot of the work I want to do – it’s the not yet getting paid for it bit that is tripping me up.

I want to help other people do shit. Like… I love running conventions. I love doing the marketing for this convention., and my previous HBs. I have over 20 years in conventions in all sorts of roles. Plus I am an expert in customer service and I dabble in user experience. I have previously set up and run some HBs, which … didn’t quite succeed. I won’t say they failed, because I don’t think they did. They didn’t go in the direction I wanted them to go, but they all taught me a lot about what I like to do (project work) and how I like to do it (in bursts of high activity) and how to develop an online presence (mostly through hiring an expert to teach me). I am also great at interviews, communication, networking and coaching.

I always have people asking for my advice or support or help, and I love that. I think I have always wanted to set myself up in that way – someone respected and trusted. But it does come at a cost. I have had conventions where I was basically in a hotel room the entire time, listening, hanging out, assisting, problem solving for a different person every two hours. And I loved it! But I still need to afford to go to conventions, and I still need to afford to have down time, and I still need to afford anything I feel like buying.

In terms of writing, I sometimes think I have found my ‘voice.’ One of the plans for this year was to write more novels. In terms on online presence, I think I am very much fumbling around in the dark, throwing around wild ideas and hoping one of them would just magically stick. The current marketing schtick is to let people to get to know me. Um. Hi. I’m Sarah lee Parker, champagne fiend and lover of good food, conventions, and people. I can help solve a lot of problems. I’m just not sure how to market that!

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Sarah P is a unique creature who writes a little or writes a lot, and loves riding the tech wave. She loves her iPad a little too much, and is currently addicted to Twitter.

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