Creativity and the Migraine

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Image is line art of a profile of a person with cogs, some functioning together and others falling off into nowhere!

I survived, right? It was only a little migraine.

Today was a funny day – I was feeling pretty awesome about my new wardrobe and my pony tail, all sleek and happy and pottering along to work. On the second floor of our building is an advertising agency – and a super busy one. Today was apparently model day.

They seemed like lovely women. Tall, slender, blonde, carefully casual and styled in the way someone who who pays attention might do. But once they stepped out of the elevator, I looked at myself in the misted mirror and just laughed at myself.

Did you know I identify as a gnome? They might be elves, but I’m rounded and grounded, happy in the earth and with a dirt(y) sense of humour to go with. Of course, when I got to my office I instantly raced off to have a giggle with my workmate about it. Part of me admires their casual elegance, but the rest of me thinks of how much work it must be!

Only an hour or two after that I was swept with a wave of joy. I was just… so in love with my life again! It’s a delirious feeling, and I’ve missed it! And then half an hour after that the migraine hit and I couldn’t see very well. Coffee and aspirin took out the worst of it but it was still a bit exciting for a while there.

Finishing my work day, I pondered a money seminar I’m doing. I’ll post about that later I think, there’s some deep stuff in it. I’m super impressed. Despite the faint migraine still lurking under the growth, I was super powered, and smashed out some creative goals. I made a little welcome video for a convention I’m running, literally smashed it together in about half an hour.

FUGLY should be my new word of the year – FAST AND UGLY! Just do it!

Maybe I need migraines more often to get the creative flow going? No, I don’t think so!

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Sarah P is a unique creature who writes a little or writes a lot, and loves riding the tech wave. She loves her iPad a little too much, and is currently addicted to Twitter.

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