Sarah Lee Parker

Sarah Lee Parker – Speak Nerdy To Me!

I love it when we get nerdy, and here I am deconstructing some of the secrets to nerd talk.

Speak Nerdy To Me!

I write a series of E-Books I call the Survive and Thrive series! I’m currently working on Surviving at Conventions, where I deconstruct what sort of conversational experiences you might have, and how you could potentially handle some of them. If you get nervous about attending large functions by yourself, this is a great way to get a feel for what you could be in for. Also includes a fun roleplay game to step you through some potential activities!

Good Money Guardians – Coming Soon!

Good Money Guardians is where I put my resources about money! I LOVE MONEY. Those who know me would be laughing by now because I love to talk about it! The resources here are developed from thousands of conversations with friends and family about – you guessed it – MONEY! I take my ownership of money seriously, and it seems people are curious about what it means to be a Good Money Guardian! So click through to check it out! Um… when I’ve finished the next course, that is!


This is me! I was on an adventure! I love travelling, but this whole Covid adventure has really cramped my travelling style. Recently I took a few days vacation, and headed down to visit my parents in law. I’ve always wanted to do a long trip by coach or train, so I leapt on the opportunity, and the Universe not only gave me a great adventure, it cost less than $15 for the three of us! I love my life! Check out my random ramble blog posts here!

Do you…
  • Find yourself overwhelmed at Conventions?
  • Want to know what to say next in a conversation?
  • Freak out because of un-knowns?
  • Always wanted to go to cons but too scared?
Thoughts on Money

You can be rich, and nice! You can be rich and have bad breath! You can be rich and care about the environment!

Denise Duffield-Thomas


Congrats for making it this far! I am having far too much fun setting this up, writing E-Books, making my Good Money Guardians courses and living my best life. I like coffee, so most of my E-Books are priced at what a cup of coffee costs in Perth – $3.50! They’re excellent value, and people have to book me to get a whole twenty minutes of my time, so check them out!

About Us

I have over twenty plus years of communication and convention experience. I love talking to people about what they want to do and where they want to go, breaking blocks and setting goals just as much as I love convention life. Covid re-arranged the convention landscape, and I miss in person conventions so much, I thought I would write out some of my thoughts, and invite everyone along for the ride!