Sarah Lee Parker

Sarah Lee Parker – Speak Nerdy To Me!

I love it when we get nerdy, and here I am deconstructing some of the secrets to nerd talk.

Speak Nerdy To Me!

I write a series of E-Books I call the Survive and Thrive series! I’m currently working on Surviving at Conventions, where I deconstruct what sort of conversational experiences you might have, and how you could potentially handle some of them. If you get nervous about attending large functions by yourself, this is a great way to get a feel for what you could be in for. Also includes a fun roleplay game to step you through some potential activities!

Good Money Guardians – Coming Soon!

Good Money Guardians is where I put my resources about money! I LOVE MONEY. Those who know me would be laughing by now because I love to talk about it! The resources here are developed from thousands of conversations with friends and family about – you guessed it – MONEY! I take my ownership of money seriously, and it seems people are curious about what it means to be a Good Money Guardian! So click through to check it out! Um… when I’ve finished the next course, that is!


This is me! I was on an adventure! I love travelling, but this whole Covid adventure has really cramped my travelling style. Recently I took a few days vacation, and headed down to visit my parents in law. I’ve always wanted to do a long trip by coach or train, so I leapt on the opportunity, and the Universe not only gave me a great adventure, it cost less than $15 for the three of us! I love my life! Check out my random ramble blog posts here!

Do you…
  • Find yourself overwhelmed at Conventions?
  • Want to know what to say next in a conversation?
  • Freak out because of un-knowns?
  • Always wanted to go to cons but too scared?

Problem solving with intention and intuition is at the heart of what I do. People need a clear outside view, and I’m there to provide that, as well as support them through the learning process.

Sarah Lee Parker
Coaching and Listening Services

I am here to help! I like to solve problems. And right now my biggest problem is what i want to do with my business! I want to help you with solving problems, finding your feet, and looking forward to your future. I also offer listening services, where I open my heart and listen to whatever stories you need to tell. Email me if you have questions!

About Us

I have over twenty plus years of communication and convention experience. I love talking to people about what they want to do and where they want to go, breaking blocks and setting goals just as much as I love convention life. Covid re-arranged the convention landscape, and I miss in person conventions so much, I thought I would write out some of my thoughts, and invite everyone along for the ride!