Sarah Lee Parker

Geek Business Whisperer

I specialise in small business coaching for women who love their geeky thing and are making a business of it! I love building women up and bringing the joy back to their business. If you’re feeling like your message isn’t being heard, or the people you speak to don’t understand your sense of humour, then I’m the gal for you.

I’m looking for one more woman in business who would love a bit of accountability, a bit of a laugh, and some clear results. Click here to meet me and let’s chat!


Individual Attention

We’ll start with your grand goals and then smaller goals, and look into your mindset, systems and structures and why you’re not there yet. Then we’ll start exploring some of these barriers and issues in a loving and gentle way. I promise not to be too hard on you! First though, we do a Discovery Call to see if we’re a good fit in personality and skills.

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I’ve been working on my business and it’s a voyage of discovery! Come along with me!


VIP Package – $699

Best seller! Six sessions of 60 minutes

VIP Extended Package – $999

10 sessions of 60 minutes

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